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Learn JavaScript the Hard Way will be the most advanced full stack development course I've ever made. No matter what your goal, I hope this course will help you achieve it.

The Beginner Basics course is out now and ready to use. Development continues and new content will be added as needed. Join now and get access to Discord to get instant help directly from Zed.REGISTER TODAY FOR BEGINNER BASICS

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Created by Zed A. Shaw

Millions of people have learned to code for free using Zed's book Learn Python the Hard Way and this course is even better covering every full stack web developer topic possible.

For Beginners and Professionals Alike

Learn JavaScript the Hard Way breaks away from the "beginners only" model of previous courses to teach every single part of the modern web stack. You learn front end development, reactive UIs, http servers, web servers, queues, and even the database ORM layer. The course teaches each part of the stack so you know how it works inside and out.

Learn the tech stacks used by major corporations without going insane.

The course teaches all modern parts of the technology stack by teaching simpler "student" versions of each thing. This lets you learn the concepts on easy mode before you learn the more complex technology.

SvelteReactVueknex.jsexpress.jspassport.jssqlite3PostgreSQLJSONPaypalStripeBitcoinHTML/CSSHLS VideoWebTorrent

Don't Learn Alone, Join Our Discord

There's multiple ways to get help during the course, including an active Discord server that lets you ask questions when you need help. Zed never sleeps so he'll almost always be able to answer quickly! If you don't like chat or discord there's also email.

Take Your Time, No Pressure

The course is self-directed and there are no grades. You take your time, learn everything as deep or as quickly as you like, and then apply what you learn to real websites.

Get the Real Code that Runs Advanced Websites

What's the point of learning JavaScript if you have to start over when you try to use it? In Learn JavaScript the Hard Way you get the the full code to actual websites, including this one. These websites implement everything from payments to advanced video distribution, so you'll always have a starting point for your own ideas.

See the code that's currently available

Different options for beginners and professionals.

Not sure if you like programming? Try the Beginner Basics, and upgrade later if you get serious. Already a professional but need to upgrade your skills? The Professional Programmer is for you.

Complete Coder


Includes the basics plus an introduction to the full stack of web development.

  • Basics Included
  • Reactive HTML UIs
  • JSON APIs and Web Services
  • ORMs and Databases
  • Video and Audio Media
  • Payments w/ Bitcoin
  • All Code Included

Beginner Basics


Just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to get you started.

  • First Steps
  • HTML Basics
  • CSS Basics
  • JavaScript Level 1

Professional Programmer


Everything from Basics, and Complete, plus four complete professional websites with code.

  • Basics and Complete included.
  • Four Real Websites.
  • All Code to the Websites.
  • Every website includes payments and media.
  • Use the code to kickstart your own projects.

Learn JavaScript Today

Not sure if you want Beginner Basics or the full Professional Programmer course? Start with the Basics and then upgrade to the other course versions by simply paying the difference when you're ready. There will also be discounts for existing students when new courses are available.

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Sample the Entire Curriculum

You can view the entire current and future curriculum to see if it's right for you.

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