Learn JavaScript
The Hard Way

The only course that teaches you to build real websites that make real money...and bitcoin.

Start from nothing and learn to create websites that charge money.

I know, revolutionary. Never been done before. I don't know why, so I made this course.

Created by Zed A. Shaw--author of Learn Python The Hard Way, Learn Ruby the Hard Way, and Learn C the Hard Way--this course is a completely redesigned experience that gradually takes you through everything you need to know to code professional websites in JavaScript that play all types of media and accept payments. Check out the active curriculum list to see what's done, and what's being developed.

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What You Get

First Steps

Getting started with the course and how to use your computer.

HTML Basics

A simple introduction to HTML.

CSS Basics

A simpler way to use CSS.

JavaScript Level 1

The first real programming module with basic JavaScript.

SQL Basics

Learn to use a SQL database directly.

Web Development Basics

Craft your first web app.

Automated Testing

Automate your testing so you can move quick and fix things.

Bitcoin Payments

Learn payments using Bitcoin.

Reverse Engineering Websites

Learn advanced techniques by copying websites.

4 Real Projects

Real projects that actually accept money.

Advanced Payments

Learn multiple payment platforms.

Code Included

Get access to the full code used in all projects for your own study.

Curriculum Preview

Need to know what the course teaches before you buy? You can see the entire current and future curriculum as it's being developed.

Currently $59USD for Early Alpha Access.

The price goes up as content is released, so get it now while the price is low.

ALPHA April 15, 2022

Rough but usable


  • First Steps
  • HTML Basics
  • CSS Basics
  • JavaScript Level 1

BETA Jun 1st

More Polished, Almost Done


  • All Intro Content Done
  • Final 4 Projects Pending
  • Edited and Recorded, but Still BETA

1.0 Release Sep 1st

Course Completed


  • All Content Finished
  • All Projects Implemented
  • Ready to Use