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Honest JavaScript Training, That's It

Learn the entire JavaScript web stack--from back to front end--with no deceptive marketing, dishonest hiring claims, or unrealistic educational goals.

What You Do Get

Nothing but straight forward honest instruction in building software with JavaScript.

A complete course in the JAMstack (JavaScript, APIs, and Markup).

Extra helpful courses in basic topics like text editors, revision control, databases.

Live lessons on hot topics you need with a real programmer doing real programming.

Reviews of hot new projects breaking through the BS to see if they really work.

A community of other people learning to code.

A no pressure environment that promotes learning by reducing stress.

Practical actual projects Zed is actually making money on.

Certification and coding JAMs to help you prove you can code.

Only you, the code, and help from Zed himself.

What You Don't Get

No empty promises of jobs that can't be possible.

No claims of radical curriculum that never appear.

No hidden costs or exploitative Income Share Agreements.

No marketing speak or propaganda to convince you to join.

No shaming, ridicule, or pressure to work yourself to death.

No contracts or Non-Disclosure Agreements limiting your rights.

No selling of your private data.

No selling of your debts to bankers for a profit.

No claims of a "network" of companies that don't actually hire you.

No secret hidden tricks. Everything Zed knows he shows you.


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  • HTML Crash Course
  • CSS Crash Course
  • Command Line Crash Course
  • How to Write Code
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  • Everything in free plus
  • Basics of JavaScript ES6
  • Basic JavaScript Front Ends
  • Introduction to Drawing
  • Introduction to Digital Painting
  • Advanced JavaScript ES6
  • Advanced Web Development
  • Charging Money on the Web
  • Four Full Real Website Projects
  • 24/7 community chat
Full online support


  • Everything from standard and free +
  • Live lessons on hot topics
  • License to all the code to use in your own projects.
  • Private chat room with other Premium members
  • Access to the Employment Center
  • Certification in JAMstack after completing all courses