Learn JavaScript

the Hard Way

A Full Stack Web Development Course.

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Learning Independence

Learn JavaScript the Hard Way teaches you to be an independent learner by showing you how to build your own web framework. The course features an educational custom web framework named The Bandolier that teaches you how every part of the stack works. Once you learn on The Bandolier you can then pick up any popular technology now and in the future.

Small Business Focused

Learn JavaScript the Hard Way focuses on building websites that actually make money. I teach you how to accept payments with Paypal, Stripe, and BTC so you can actually create a site that can be profitable. While I don't promise you'll make any money, I do promise you'll learn how a website can make money.

Every Feature You'll Learn to Make

Learn JavaScript the Hard Way doesn't hide anything from you. Every trick, technique, and technology I know is presented to you in video demonstrations that show exactly how I do something. Currently the course teaches all of these features and includes working real code you can study and copy to access deep learning.

Video & HLS

Easy video including HLS streaming.


Sharing the load with WebTorrent.


Start from nothing and learn JavaScript.


Fully implemented support for Paypal, Stripe, and Bitcoin.


Authentication with bcrypt secure password storage.


Simple implementation of JSON API backends.

Database ORMs

Database access with a simple ORM and admin control panel.

Reactive UIs

Svelte, React, Vue.js and Alpine.js style reactivity.


Crafting UIs with CSS and HTML without frameworks.


Email templates, sending emails, and testing your email setup.

Video Demos Galore

Almost every lesson in the course features video(s). The videos are a mixture of lecture and demonstration that review the written lesson and solidify the concepts for you.

Not sure? Read the JavaScript Level 1 module for FREE.

Learn a Personal Process

If you're just starting out it's hard to how to get started and what to do next. Learn JavaScript the Hard Way teaches a personal development process that takes you from an initial idea to a working application in logical steps. The process is the result of watching thousands of beginners struggle with getting started, and has worked to help them start and finish their projects. Don't just learn a specific technology. Learn a process that works with all technology.

Real Depth

I wrote my own website that accepts payments, sells videos, and scales to support my customers, an entire custom webframework and did it by myself. No wordpress. No Gumroad. Everything here was written by Zed A. Shaw and is used in the course to show you how to make websites. This is why my course has so much depth. Because I actually use what I'm teaching you to make money.

One Simple Price

$59 USD

In the past the course was multiple confusing prices. Now I'm making the whole course on single price of $59USD. If you bought it in the past, you get the whole course. If you buy it now, you get the whole course. The end.

Not sure? Read the JavaScript Level 1 module for FREE.

Current Status

The first 4 modules are done and teach the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The Full Curriculum Plan is finished and work is now underway to finish the content. When you join you get access to a private Discord server for students where you can get direct help from Zed.