About Learn JavaScript the Hard Way

Learn JavaScript The Hard Way is a new course designed by Zed A. Shaw, the creator of Learn Python The Hard Way that is a more complete introduction to creating full professional JavaScript applications. With this course you will be able to start from almost nothing and eventually get to where you can build full websites, desktop apps, and any other interesting projects I create. You will also receive full source code to every project, videos so you can watch me build it, and additional instructional materials to help you through it.

This site you are using right now is actually one of the projects in the course. Because of this, some of the features may not work correctly, are in development, or flawed as I work on them. If you would like to see the source code to the project while at work on it you can visit the project code hosting website. You can also follow me on Twitter at @lzsthw. Finally, if you want to be notified of special live events and other activities you can sign up for the mailing list at the mailing list form below:

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