For many years I've been wanting to ditch my creaky old, boring, hard to maintain, and totally not supported Django web application. Django is quite honestly one of the absolute worst web frameworks out today for many reasons, but the biggest is the insistence on avoiding "magic" by ovecomplicating everything about Django development. I'm done.

This website is the start of creating something new for the future of my tiny little publishing "empire". I'll be using mostly JavaScript to create the whole service, and sticking to the most modern proven technologies I can find. I'll also be developing the site in public so people who purchased my Learn JS The Hard Way book get to see how a real programmer builds something that they actually use every day.

If you want to get in on this action and see behind the curtain of software development, then subscribe to the mailing list and get ready for some exciting new features. I'm planning on providing chat based help, full code to the project for you to read, videos of my development, and anything else I can to help you understand programming in the real world.