Test Out This Week's Progress

This is the first blog post about learn javascript the hard way's new site. Here are some of the highlights of our blog activities so far.

We've added a new and improved page on one of our blog posts to give you a little taste of what we do. Since we're giving you a first taste, we may leave you with some teaser videos in the meantime.

You can see the new site on https://learnjsthehardway.com/

The New Design

Rather than the current approach of measuring average page load time and customising each page to meet various requests, we're going to define a new metric we're going to call FRONTEND-TIME.

FRONTEND-TIME will measure how long it takes the browser to render and navigate your page, irrespective of the request it receives. It's a measure of how fast your site is responding.

For example, if we wanted to test the responsiveness of a popular page-load with the current system, we could test it like this:

A Code Sample

Testing out how to include code in the remarkable system:

import Raw from '../../components/Raw.svelte';
export let posts;
export let segment;

if(posts == undefined) {
  // I'm kind of putting the segment here to make svelte shut up.
  console.log("No posts available for segment", segment);


I need to make the following things work out of remarkable:

  1. Getting code from a remote server when building.
  2. Generating the HTML off a gulp task instead of in the browser.
  3. Generate a TOC.
  4. Process front matter, probably by putting a .json next to each .html
  5. Embed youtube or twitch links for the streaming.
  6. Embed webtorrents of my own videos.
  7. Possibly some form of grabbing parts, but honestly I don't need that anymore.
  8. Comments section at the bottom.