04: Setup for Windows

The installation and setup instructions were created in January 2021 and are updated whenever there's a change that makes them incorrect. If you find that these instructions are wrong then please comment on this lesson and I'll fix whatever you find. Be sure to triple check that you are actually finding something wrong and aren't simply making a mistake.

Create Three Accounts

You are most likely used to running windows as Administrator, or a user with full administrator rights. I'm going to recommend that you stop doing this and instead configure 3 accounts:

  1. One account named "administrator" that has administrator rights.
  2. Your normal personal account, which you should already own, but reconfigure it to have no administrator rights.
  3. A new "programmer" account that is nice and clean and is used when you're going through this book to keep your work life separate from your personal life. It should also not have administrator rights.

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