05: Setup for OSX

The installation and setup instructions were created in January 2021 and are updated whenever there's a change that makes them incorrect. If you find that these instructions are wrong then please comment on this lesson and I'll fix whatever you find. Be sure to triple check that you are actually finding something wrong and aren't simply making a mistake.

Create a Work Account

You probably have a single account on your OSX computer but I'm going to ask you to create a new "work" account. This account should be where you do all of the work for this book, and you should keep using for "work" from now on. The reason behind this move is to keep you from destroying your personal account's information. You might do something in programming that can wipe out your files, so if you have a separate account then this damage is limited to only your work account.

The other advantage to a separate work account is focus. When you have a single account for everything all of your personal internet usage causes you to lose focus. With a work account you can keep it clean and not have Twitter, Facebook, and personal email open while you work.

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