07: PowerShell Basics

If you are not running Windows then you can skip this lesson and move on to next lesson covering Bash Basics. This is for Windows users with PowerShell only.

PowerShell vs. Cmder

In this lesson I'm going to cover the basic commands of PowerShell, but in the video you'll see me using something called Cmder which is an improved "console emulator" for PowerShell. I recommend you install the full download of Cmder and use PowerShell through that rather than running the original PowerShell. Cmder comes with more developer friendly settings and lets you use tabs, which are very important when doing development.

If you can't run Cmder for some reason, then regular PowerShell still works for the entire course. Cmder doesn't actually replace PowerShell. All Cmder does is host PowerShell and display it for you in a nicer package. Everything else should work just fine.

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