00: Introduction

This module is a set of 10 little projects that will help solidify the basics you learned in JavaScript Level 1. The projects start from very simple tasks and eventually have a basic plain JavaScript web framework. This sets you up for the next module where I'll show you a more complete framework that you explore and study before creating the final projects.

How to Code Video

The video on this exercise is from a livestream I did on May 04, 2022 that explains something I didn't actually explicitly cover so far in the book: How to Code. I want you to use this method while you're working on these projects as it's a reliable process for taking ideas (or challenges) and turning them into code. The code may not be optimal, but it will at least work and get you started.

One thing I mention in the video is that you can delete your code after you're done and try it again. Doing these exercises more than once will develop your confidence in your skills. You'll go from wondering if you "got lucky" to realizing that you actually did accomplish the tasks using your skills. You'll also find that your second (or third) attempt at the challenge will be cleaner and make more sense since you'll have learned most of what's needed in the first attempt.

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