01: Elements

This module will teach you the very simplest basics of HTML so you can get started making web pages, and later use JavaScript to control them. We'll quickly go through the part of the standard that talks about "elements" which are created using "tags". If you complete this module before learning JavaScript you will help yourself in three ways:

  1. You will have a first look at how you use text--aka code--to make a computer program do what you want...usually.
  2. You will create your first working thing you can show people on the internet.
  3. You will have a better understanding of the most common place you use JavaScript: the web browser.

You should learn this material even if you're learning JavaScript to be a "backend" programmer. So much of JavaScript's weirdness on the backend comes from its original birth place on the frontend. Learn the frontend history even just a little bit and you will have a much better time using JavaScript for other purposes.

What Is HTML?

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