04: Links

In the first lesson you learned about HTML being a "HyperText Markup Language", and the link is what makes the "hyper text" part of HTML work. Today nobody talks about "HyperText" at all but in the 90s it was all the rage. Everyone thought that being able to link documents across the world would lead to a glorious civilization of peace, love and prosperity, but really links just connect people watching Youtube videos about guitars to conspiracy theories about the earth being flat.

In this module I'm going to cover not just the typical link done through an <a> tag, but also other ways that a user's mouse click can trigger an HTTP request.

Transitions and Interactions

You use links every time you use any web site, but you might not realize you're using them. If you click a link like this it's obvious that text is a link, but what does "link" really mean. The easiest way to explain the concept is any transition that happens based on user input. It gets more complicated later, but for now this is a nice simple description. Let's break down each part:

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