10: Next Steps

This course isn't linear. What I mean is, you don't have to do each module in order. You're in control of the course, and that means if you're not interested in HTML, then you can just jump to the JavaScript modules. If you get frustrated with JavaScript then you can do some HTML and CSS. I recommend that you do this:

  1. JavaScript is entirely self-contained and doesn't reference the HTML lessons, so you can start it even as a total beginner.
  2. Start with either HTML or JavaScript, depending on what you're interested in.
  3. Mix in some of the other modules while you study. That means, if you started with JavaScript, then mix in some HTML study.
  4. You do need to do HTML then CSS, as you need to know HTML to understand CSS.
  5. Other than that, mix it up and try to occasionally attempt to write a simple tool. Doesn't matter what it is, just try to make something small.

A Final Warning About IDEs

You've hopefully installed all the software you need and are ready to start the course but I have one final warning for you before you begin:

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