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02: Tags in Detail

I'll cover the different types of tags in the html5 specification and then explain which ones you do or don't normally use.


  1. Take the file you created in Exercise 01 and view it in your browser.
  2. Remember that you can open the directory that holds the file and double-click the index.html.
  3. If you run Windows you can do this inside PowerShell with the start command, as in: start index.html. The start command is similar to double-clicking the file with your mouse, and it works on any file, not just .html.
  4. If you run OSX you can do this inside Terminal with the open command, as in open index.html.
  5. Remember, nothing works in the Terminal if you don't know how to cd to the directory with the file. If you're confused about where your files are then find them graphically, type cd, and then drag the file onto your terminal with the mouse. This will "paste" the file's full path into your terminal so you know where it is.
  6. Always remember to add spaces after your commands. If you type cdC:\Users then that's wrong. It'skindoflikeyoutypedasentencelikethis.
  7. Finally, how many different ways can you open this file? Can you open it in your editor from the command line? Can you open it in the browser from your editor?

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