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02: Comments

A comment is a way for you to write down notes that the computer ignores. These notes are meant to be something for other people to read when trying to understand your code. JavaScript has two main ways that you write comments, and this code shows you how to do that.

The Code

// This is a comment, everything after is ignored.

console.log("I am Code");

/* This is also a comment. You use this for
 * longer things that you want to say.

console.log("So am I");

// The code inside the next comment will not run:

console.log("I will not run.");

As with Exercise 1, you should type this code in and try to make your file match my file as exactly as you possibly can. Try to focus on the details, and get all the details right before you move on. You should also, as as I've said before, do this in small chunks, and modify the file when you're done to try other things. For example, can you comment out this entire file?

What You Should See

$ node "code.js" 
I am Code
So am I

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