Module 4: JavaScript Level 1

Introduction to all of the basic elements of JavaScript.

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00: Gearing Up

Getting the software you need to finish this module.

01: A First Program

Your very first JavaScript program.

02: Comments

How to comment out parts of your code and write help for your future self.

03: Simple Math and Strings

Doing simple math and creating displayable text in strings.

04: Variables

Variables for storing and referencing information.

05: Constants

Constants are variables that you claim will not change.

06: Escape Sequences

When you write a string how do you put a string in it?

07: Prompting Input

Asking a person for input from the terminal.

08: Command Line Arguments

Accepting input from the user as command line options on your script.

09: Files

Reading files with the fs (filesystem) module.

10: Files, Args, and Variables

Combining reading files with accepting command line arguments.

11: Functions

Creating small pieces of code and jumping to them with functions.

12: Functions, Files, Variables

Combining everything learned so far with functions, files, and variables in one.

13: Modules

Packing a group of related files into a single component called a module.

14: True and False Tests

The start of logic comparison operations.

15: If and Else

The introduction of branching with if and else.

16: While Loops

The concept of repeating a block of code with a while-loop.

17: Sequences and For Loops

Lists of data and enumerating them with a for-loop.

18: More Arrays

Studying Arrays even more and becoming proficient at nesting them.

19: Data Objects

First step with objects just for key/value data.

20: First Game

Creating a little game to combine everything learned thus far.

21: Simple OOP

Going from Data Objects and Functions to Object Oriented Programming.

22: More Complex OOP

Using the new ES6 style of classes is much better than the last exercise's classes.

23: Inheritance

Learning about the concept of inheritance in OOP.

24: OOP Game

Creating an OOP version of our little game.

25: Functions and Recursion

Studying a complex use of functions calling their self to do a loop.

26: Transforming Data

Processing Arrays with handy functions and callbacks like map and reduce.

27: Applying Functions

You can chain sequences of functions together to perform more complex sequences of operations.

28: Scope and Closures

The concept of scope in ES6 vs. older JavaScript and why you should use let and const instead of var.

29: Partial Application

A more complicated technique to push your understanding of callbacks and filters.

30: Callbacks, Events, Promises and Async

This exercise covers the many, many, many ways that JavaScript handles asynchronous events.

31: Modules and import

The final exercise covers the use of import and modern ES6 modules.

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