Ten Reasons Youtube's Streaming is Awful

I did a test of Youtube and its streaming has tons of problems. Here's 10 reasons why Youtube's streaming is mostly pointless when compared to Twitch. I'll use Twitch for streaming, then post to youtube.

Starting Free JavaScript Live Streams

Streaming the JavaScript Level 1 on Youtube M/W/F 3pm EST. The whole course is only $59 now for everything.


Getting realistic about Single-Page vs. Multi-Page applications.

How to Create Your Own `npm init` and Get Off npmjs.com

After struggling with npm init I figured out a way to avoid it entirely that ends up being easier.

Stripe is Paypal circa 2010

After integrating both Stripe and Paypal I've come to the realization that they are nearly the same, including all the evil.

Equal Height Holy Grail Layout in Modern CSS

Cheap and easy ways to get paths out of your web server logs.

Adding JavaScript Level 2 to Beginner Basics

One more module planned for Beginner Basics.

Announcing Beginner Basics Full Release

Changing the way courses are developed based on user feedback.

A Frontend Development Process

An excerpt from Learn JavaScript the Hard Way teaching a starter creative process for using HTML and CSS.

Process and Web Development

What would a traditional artistic process look like for a web page?

NaN is Not a Math

A critique of the counter-claim that JavaScript's use of NaN errors is valid because it's 'math.'

Alpha Early Access 1 is a GO

It's time to have a small party.

The Wait is Almost Over

After almost 2 years of work I'm finally ready to open this site.

Convoluted Team Code and Software Urban Planning

An idea about the irrational focus of developer technology on teams to the detriment of everyone else.

No Tracking, Part 3

The result of my work to eliminate my own ability to track other people around the internet, and how that might end up working in practice.

Your Side Projects are Your Future

How the prevailing view of side projects is a damaging perspective for early programmers.

No Emails, Update 2

Thoughts on implementing a method for not storing email addresses while still allowing for password reset, Part 2.

Getting Rid of Emails

Thoughts on implementing a method for not storing email addresses while still allowing for password reset.

Zettlr as a Blogging Tool

My experiences using Zettlr as a blog editor.

How To Ask for Help

A brief description of how to ask another programmer for help with your code.

Svelte and Sapper So Far

How is Svelte and Sapper working for this website.

The First Real Blog Post

A new kind of blog post for a new kind of blog.