The Radical Privacy Policy

I, Zed A. Shaw, do not want to know anything about you, but I need to charge you for my products, and let you reset passwords. Therefore, this website's privacy policy is simple:

I will not only never track you, but I will actively find ways to know nothing about you, and attempt to store anything I do need in such a way that if it's ever leaked, it's useless to anyone.

Currently, I store your username, a bcrypt hash of your password, and a bcrypt hash of your email. That's right, I don't even know your email address. You can also pay in bitcoin if you really want to keep me in the dark. Finally, I only store the minimum of cookies necessary to make the site work, and never share them anywhere. When you log out, your session is completely clean.

You can verify the code I use to store your information in my git. If you find a way that your information is leaked, you can tell me and I'll fix it.

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